"5 Simple Steps To Getting Your Coaching Business Online "

Even if you don't know a thing about technology

Let's Get Your Coaching Business Online ASAP!

In This Free Class, You'll Discover...

    • A step-by-step gameplan that works in ANY business whether it's online or not.
    • Why you DON'T need testimonials or "happy" customers to get your coachinc business online and how you can make an immediate impact without them.
    • The secret to using your current knowledge to change your future clients lives and how you can FINALLY be recognized for the expert that you are.
    • Why you DON'T need a massive online course and why quality over quantity wins every time.
      • How some of our clients have gone from barely making it to 5 figures a month and the secret that makes it happen faster than they realized it could.

    • And how they do this while remaining true to their calling and serving their clients in their highest integrity.

    Presented By

    Stephen Rodriguez

         Stephen Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Laconic Business Solutions and has helped his clients all over the world business take their businesses online and make a bigger impact on their clients than they thought possible.

         He currently oversees a team of 7 including himself who work to elevate entrepenurs through better connection with their clients, better messaging in their marketing, and better business processes to boost their profitability.