Empowering Business Owners With The Tools They Need To Create Thriving Businesses, They Love And Enjoy

Empowering Business Owners With The Tools They Need To Create Thriving Businesses, They Love And Enjoy

Your Business Should Serve You

If you're an entrepreneur, online coach, or just an everyday business owner you may feel trapped in an endless cycle of hustling and grinding to keep the beast of your business fed and alive. Long hours, late nights, and an endless list of to-do's probably dominate your day leaving you without a life. You started your business to have a life that your business could serve. It's time to live that life, but only if you want to.

There Are 3 Make-Or-Break Areas For Most Businesses


More sales and leads doesn't always mean you'll make more money. If you don't first look at how your business spends or makes its money you're doomed to fail. Most business owners write checks based on their bank balance. There's a far better way.


Marketing can be hard. Digital marketing can be harder if you don't know what to do. Social media marketing is changing rapidly and new opportunities exist everywhere. The catch is, to be successful you must first know what you want so you can give your customers what they want


Most businesses are poorly run and very disorganized. It's easy to blame yourself if you're the business owner, but the reality is most business owners have never been taught how to actually run a business. Once you know what life you want you can build systems to make it happen.

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How We Can Help

Actually, we may not be able to...

First we need to know a few things. You wouldn't go to a doctor's office and tell the doctor what medication to prescribe, no more than you would tell a car mechanic how to fix a pinging noise in your engine if you didn't work on cars. In order to know what you need, we have to first understand what problems you and your business are dealing with in order to help you find the best way forward.


After helping our client generate over $1.9 million in sales, there were certain key lessons that kept showing up. In this video, we'll show you their sales process, and why this may or may not be the best fit for you.

If You're Ready To Move Forward, Just Follow The Steps Below

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Once you're there, we'll show you the qualifications you need and the things we need from you to get on our calendar.

Get Clarity and Certainty

If we are able to work together, we'll help you figure out your exact next steps with our Dynamic Business Blueprint

Achieve The Life You Want

Once you receive your customized blueprint, you can decide to do it on your own, or have us help you implement it.

Meet The Executive Team

Stephen Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

Stephen Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Laconic Business Solutions. He has dedicated his life to elevating humanity and helping individuals achieve their dreams and live the lives they want.

Isaiah Del Toro

Chief Operations Officer

Isaiah Del Toro has been with Laconic since almost the beginning and is passionate about helping clients build a lasting legacy beyond the immediate needs of their business.

Tanner Hanks

Chief Strategist

Tanner Hanks has helped clients catapult their businesses to new heights. His eye for crafting new offers and his ability to come up with new strategies for clients, has helped boost more than one bottom line.

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